With a small money loan issued by the operations manager of a Columbia roofing distributor in the spring of 1994, along with the encouragement of my wife, the blessings and mercy extended from God himself, this operation has matured from one man and a truck to the multi-state service and install provider it is by the strengths and efforts of its amazing people and wonderful clients. It is my personal belief that behind every great company lies an amazing group of people who find value and appreciation in what they do. While Mid State Roofing, Inc. has grown in size and services, our dedication to understanding the needs and expectations of both our clients and employees has never been compromised! We accept and understand that this way of operating is the only way to maintain long-term success and growth. I would like to share with you a brief list of bullet points that I am personally proud of here at Mid State Roofing Inc.

A company that installs large square footage commercial/industrial roofing systems in eight states. A company operating five full-time service crews daily. A company with true twenty-four-hour service on demand that’s staffed seven days a week by an on-call foreman who physically answers the office phone (forwarded each day when office staff leaves). A company trained and certified in moisture scan detection using the TRAMEX impedance system as well as use of FLIR technology. A company with virtually zero turnover (the majority of staff having been employed for greater than 10 years, and some over 20.) A company that issues interest-free loans to its people.  A company that provides over 80% of healthcare cost to each staff member. A company that designs our service efforts and waterproofing systems tailored to each client’s budget and needs. A company that continually educates its people on the importance of “proper-solution-prescription”. We thoroughly believe that when a proper solution is specified and performed properly, the client will be satisfied, and the relationship will be enhanced. We would rather withdraw from an opportunity than perform a service we do not completely believe in. We call it “relationships over dollars”. Thank you for allowing me the time to have shared with you a few important bullets that are individual facets found within the daily operations here at Mid State Roofing Inc.


Larry D. Leitner, Founder and Vice President of Operations