Mid State Roofing offers many options for your commercial roofing needs whether they be in Columbia, SC or across the Southeast United States.We offer Sustainable Silicone Systems, TPO Roofs, and more.

Sustainable Silicone Roof

Benefits to Silicone Roofing

Lower Roof Temperatures

Highly reflective white coatings reflect 85% of the sun’s radiant heat, dramatically lowering the temperature of the underlying roof and preventing further degradation.

Durability and Weather-ability

Our Sustainable Silicone Systems are resistant to blistering, chalking, checking, cracking, and flaking – protecting the roof from further weathering and degradation.

Lightweight Solutions

Unlike traditional roof replacement, our Sustainable Silicone Systems provide a lightweight solution to roofing needs. It’s ounces, not pounds, per square foot. 

No Tear-Offs

No Disruptions to Occupants

There is no need to close the building during installation. The non-toxic formulation means no interruption of business.