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Welcome to Mid State Roofing!
  With its emphasis on commercial / industrial roofing and waterproofing systems, Mid State Roofing can handle any job and any material with professional and timely service.


Mid State Roofing, Inc. is a total envelope provider for the complete waterproofing needs that plague the commercial, industrial, and institutional world. Whether it’s above grade roofing, walls, or below grade foundation concerns, Mid State Roofing, Inc. operates with a proven history of success in all environments where water intrusion is a concern.

Mid State Roofing, Inc. proudly provides on-site tours of various type waterproofing projects. These tours become tangible experiences that will give you the confidence to know that you have made the right choice when choosing a waterproofing solution that fits your facility needs. Mid State Roofing, Inc. operates in an exclusive departmental manner. We understand the many differences surrounding water intrusion as well as the optional equipment, products, and services that are needed to offer long-term resolutions to your specific needs. We’ll send the right technician for your concern! Mid State Roofing, Inc. understands that when you choose your waterproofing contractor, you are choosing a firm that your believe will not only resolve your concerns, they will do it safely, professionally, timely, and accurately.  That’s what you’ll get when choose Mid State Roofing, Inc.

Mid State Roofing, Inc. has over 23 operational years of proven safety and success as a complete waterproofing solutions provider.  Our service history to the waterproofing industry is your assurance that choosing Mid State Roofing, Inc., will not only be the resolution to your waterproofing  concerns, your needs will have been resolved in a safe, productive, and professional manner. Call today and see why many household names choose Mid State Roofing, Inc. for their complete waterproofing needs!

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